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This part of the Florida Commission on Ethics' website will allow you to search for information about persons who are required
by law to file financial disclosure. There are five ways to search:

  1. By name of filer
  2. By organization of filer
  3. By county of filer
  4. By fines accrued
  5. By form 6 pre-annual filer

For more information about financial disclosure, please review A Guide to the Sunshine Amendment and Code of Ethics.

Search for a Financial Disclosure Filer By Name

Filers who took office or were employed after December 31, 2021 may not appear.

A filer named "William" may be in the system as "Bill". You may wish to search by last name only.

View Financial Disclosure Filers By Organization

View a report of all filers in an organization or locate an organization coordinator by selecting your choice of local government,
state government group, local board or state board. NOTE: Organizations are listed in alphabetical order.

View Financial Disclosure Filers By County

Local governments and boards file with the Supervisor of Elections in their county of residence. To view local filers by their county of residence,
select a county name. NOTE: Counties are listed in alphabetical order.

View Fines Accrued

View a report of persons who have either not yet filed, or filed after the reporting deadline, and who accrued or are accruing automatic fines.

View Form 6 Pre-annual Filers

View a listing of pre-annual filers who have filed a Form 6.